Facility Protection

From Perimeter to Point of Contact

Airport, Event & Mailroom Security Screening

NABCO Suspect Luggage & Parcel Containment

From perimeter to point-of-contact, NABCO solutions are counted on to protect personnel and facilities.

Ideal for screening areas, our solutions can be located close-by and on-site, with minimal disruption to operations when a suspect package or item is detected.

Custom solutions are also available that integrate NABCO solutions with in-line package and baggage check systems that serve major facilities where public safety is a concern.

Some of the world’s busiest transportation and sorting hubs – including airports, railway stations and mail facilities – rely on NABCO to protect critical assets.

NABCO solutions are also ideal for protecting high-security facilities such as embassies and government facilities, and are highly sought after by security planners for the world’s most high-profile events – including Super Bowls and Presidential Inaugurals.

Protection From Concealed Devices in Public Settings

Blast Resistant Trash Receptacles

Traditional trash receptacles provide perpetrators an easy place to conceal explosive devices and create maximum damage to innocent bystanders. Blast Resistant Trash Receptacles provide 360° lateral protection from blast pressure and fragmentation and are ideal for use in high-profile settings such as transit stations, airports, stadiums, courthouses, public parks, and anywhere else large crowds form.

BCRs are also deployed by law enforcement and security personnel at special events to quickly store any suspect packages that are discovered. Utilizing this blast mitigating technology while evacuating nearby areas further decreases risk to both the officers and the general public.

Storage Solutions

NABCO explosive storageNABCO solutions also allow close-by storage of materials used to protect facilities -- a capability that reduces response times and increases mission effectiveness. Whether to protect a nearby facility or for the safe storage of materials used in EOD response, NABCO solutions allow industry and bomb squads to access the explosive tools they need, when and where they are needed most.

Physical Security

Physical SecurityNABCO physical security solutions are designed for a wide array of protection from high level security facilities to municipalities restricting vehicle access to pedestrian areas and parks. Pairing function, elegant design and maintenance free deployment systems makes the perfect fit for any security project. NABCO aims to be the gold standard in protection for personnel, facilities, and venues from events that could endanger the public.