Total Containment Vessels

The First Choice of EOD and Bomb Squads Worldwide

Self-Closing Total Containment Vessels


NABCO’s line of self-closing Total Containment Vessels (TCVs) allow EOD technicians to safely contain, transport and dispose of explosive devices. The vessel can be remotely opened and closed providing safer stand-off for the technician.  

  • Repeatable & one-time detonation ratings
  • Live explosive testing prior to every shipment & as part of every standard training
  • Mechanical fail-safe design keeps your TCV closed & sealed---even in the event of electric or hydraulic failure
  • Made in the USA

Chem/Bio Capable Total Containment Vessels with Patented Sampling Capability


NABCO’s line of self-closing Total Containment Vessels (TCVs) can be upgraded with a chemical/biological package to contain, transport and dispose of explosive devices that contain biochemical hazards. They will remain gas-tight up to their full repeatable containment capacity and remain sealed indefinitely following a detonation. 

These units include NABCO’s patented sampling capability. 


Patented Sampling Capability
  • Pull both liquid and vapor samples pre and post blast, with or without pressure
  • Safely retrieve samples into a zero psi sample bottle ---with minimal risk of exposure to the operator, and no risk of over-pressurization for the laboratory evaluation of the sample
  • Collect accurate and representative samples regardless of the weight of the hazardous material inside the vessel
  • Decontaminate the system when sampling is complete

Designed for use with NABCO Chem/Bio TCVs, the NABCO Treatment System is the most efficient way to decontaminate a sealed vessel that contains a chemical or biological agent.

NABCO Treatment System

NABCO NTSThe NABCO Treatment System (NTS) can be used to decontaminate a NABCO Gas-Tight  TCV after a detonation — safely and effectively neutralizing chemical or biological agents contained by the vessel. 

To customize your TCV, choose from add-ons such as programmable logic control, robot and storage lockers, fender mounted toolboxes, scene lighting, and secondary enclosures and tarps for a custom configuration to meet your needs.  Contact your NABCO representative for more information. 



Get all the features of a new TCV at a fraction of the cost
NABCO understands the large investment that is made in purchasing a Total Containment Vessel and believes in creating systems that are scalable and can be upgraded to meet constantly evolving threats.
That’s why we make all of our current capabilities compatible with previously designed NABCO systems. Whether you purchased your NABCO TCV today or in 1985, we can retrofit your vessel with any of the features available to new-purchase TCVs. 

For more extensive upgrades, we will pick up your TCV and transport to our production facility where we will update with features like a self-closing door, gas-tight & sampling capabilities, updated trailers, truck & transporter mounts, or any other option you choose.  

Other upgrades can be installed by a certified NABCO technician at your location—without pulling your TCV out of service.  

Training, Inspection & Recertification Plan
Whether your squad has new members or it’s been too long since the team last trained on your NABCO TCV, this program provides refresher training along with maintenance & inspection. By combining these services, funding for this program may be available from O&M or training budgets. Let NABCO take care of maintenance – so you can focus on optimizing your squad and safeguarding your community.

Contact us to learn more about what we can offer. 

Programmable Logic Control Option

NABCO’s most popular upgrade, Programmable Logic Control, is available on new purchase and existing fielded units.  A fully programmable computer monitoring and activation system controls the door opening and closing of the TCV with a push of a button so that these operations can be activated and controlled remotely by standard EOD robotic platforms.   

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