Programmable Logic Control

One-Button Robotic Operation System for Increased Stand-Off

Available for Self-Closing TCVs and SLCVs

NABCO Logic Control

NABCO’s most popular upgrade, Programmable Logic Control, is available on new purchase and existing fielded Total Containment Vessels and Suspect Luggage Containment Vessels. A fully programmable computer monitoring and activation system controls the door opening and closing of the vessel with a push of a button so that these operations can be activated and controlled remotely by standard EOD robotic platforms. This eliminates the need to use the standard tethered pendant control and allows for increased stand-off during deployment.

Get Started

Interested in Programmable Logic Control for your new or existing Total Containment Vessel or Suspect Luggage Containment Vessel? Give us a call today to get started. 

Field Installation Available

Programmable Logic Control can be installed on your previously purchased self-closing TCV or SLCV with minimal time out of service. Field installation by an authorized  NABCO  technician can typically be completed in just one day.