Explosive Testing

Performing More Live Fire Testing Than Any Other Provider

Live Explosive Testing: Every TCV, Every Time.

NABCO's Total Containment Vessels have been tested with a variety of devices, explosive material, and different weights to ensure reliable and consistent performance during both traditional and gas-tight detonations. NABCO TCVs have undergone extensive testing, including detonations with 125% of the vessel's repeat capacity to demonstrate the reliability of their explosive containment.

Every TCV we build is tested with live explosives to the full repeat capacity before shipment. Every EOD technician using a NABCO TCV has the confidence of knowing their equipment has already been proven to perform in a live scenario--rather than relying upon a static pressure test conducted under controlled laboratory conditions.

One-Time Use Vessels: Full Scale Testing

While products rated for one-time use cannot be explosively tested before shipment, their designs have been thoroughly tested with full scale, live explosive tests conducted by independent third party testing facilities. Before NABCO will accept a new product design, its performance must be proven with no structural failures, no fragmentation hazards outside the vessel and severely mitigated blast loading outside the vessel.  During testing, the structural integrity and performance of the unit is tracked as well as the exterior environment immediately outside of the unit.

Suspect Luggage Containment Vessel Full Scale Testing

Blast Mitigating Trash Receptacles Full Scale Testing


Total Containment Explosive Magazine Full Scale Testing